Flash MX Professional 2004
for Server Geeks

From the Inside Back Cover

It's official. Flash can now be taken seriously as a tool for building great Web applications.

This book will teach you how to work with the latest version of Flash. Rather than focusing on design-y stuff like drawing and animation, the bulk of the examples concentrate on creating visual widgets and interfaces that interact with your server. Almost all of the examples inside are all about reflecting the current state of information in a database or other server-side data store.

You'll learn how to create visual widgets and interfaces that:

  • Communicate with your server at will, without resorting to costly and intrusive page refreshes
  • Select data from (or insert new information into) server-side databases, using your Web application server of choice as middleware
  • Call RPC-style methods on your servers (using either the Web Services functionality built into your server or Macromedia's optional Flash Remoting framework)
  • Share session variables and other state-specific information with your existing non-Flash pages
  • Look and feel the same with all browsers and on all platforms (we're talking right down to the pixel in most cases)

When you're done with this book, you'll know more than most Flash developers about interacting with servers to exchange and display information. You'll also know quite a bit about "normal" Flash concepts such as the timeline, keyframes, ActionScript, and more.


©2003 by Nate Weiss