If you have a copy of the book already, you may download the example files here. I ask that you provide your name and email address only so I can reach you if a new version of these files is posted, or a new edition of the book is published. I promise that I'm not going to share this information with anyone. Just leave the information blank if you're really worried about it.

Your name
(first, last):
Your e-mail address:
Which application server will you be using for the book's examples? ASP.NET
ColdFusion MX
Which database will you be using for the book's examples? Access
Which form(s) of Flash-to-server connectivity are you excited about? XML
Web Services
Flash Remoting
Low-tech (form/url, flashvars, etc)

Do you really, really wish the book's examples included listings / support for any of these concepts or technologies?

Please keep in mind that if I covered more, the book might be longer or cost more.

PHP   Perl   Python
Classic ASP/ADO (not .NET)
Flex  Central  Video
Flash Communication Server
XSLT  EJBs  PostgreSQL
Struts/other app frameworks
MVC/other design patterns

Your prior Flash experience, if any:

(You don't need any prior Flash experience for the book--I'm just curious.)

ActionScript (before MX 2004)
ActionScript 2.0 (MX 2004 and on)
Data / RIAs

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