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Pavlova Systems is the computer consulting firm led by author-designer-programmer Nate Weiss.

Though Pavlova, Nate builds Rich Internet Applications (RIAs), implements data-driven business websites, and does modern, practical UI design and information architecture.

The ideas are pretty simple. Build apps and sites that look and feel great. Always keep the business needs foremost in mind. Be object oriented. Use exactly as much tech is necessary. Keep costs down.

Nate generally works with Flex, OpenLaszlo, SQLServer, ColdFusion, XSLT and other XML technologies, along with all the presentation-layer stuff you really need like CSS, Flash, ActionScript, and good old HTML.

Pavlova's most recent gigs include a medical touchscreen system and an e-commerce platform.

If you were at the November 2008 NYFLEX user group meeting, Nate's Item Renderer Presentation and Example Files are available for download here.

Looking for the example files for Nate's Flash MX 2004 Professional for Server Geeks book? Get them here:

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