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Microwave Cooking Made Easy and Healthy.

Cook-Zen is a cooking pot designed especially for microwave ovens. The result of 10 years of experimentation by renowned author/inventor Machiko Chibo, this pot will bring out the true colours and natural flavours of all your ingredients.

Cook-Zen retains the nutritious vitamins and minerals in your food. For most recipes, there is no need to add excess oil, so your meals are natually low in fat.

There is also no need for constant stirring and fussing while your meal cooks. And as Cook-Zen does not require the use of an open flame, anyone can now enjoy cooking safely, healthily and speedily.

Hassle free healthy cooking in the shortest time possible. That's Cook-Zen.

Every Cook-Zen comes with two lids, one sieve, one measuring cup, and 30 pages of machiko’s healthy cooking recipes.


Machiko Chiba

From Machiko Chiba, Japan's leading cooking advisor for restaurants and major companies.

"Since Cook-Zen arrived in stores, I have been receiving kind letters and e-mails almost daily from consumers. Every time I read their warm words, the effort I put into creating this product seems worth it. I feel energized to work even harder for my future projects."




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