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  Five Promises that Cook-Zen Makes to Any Kitchen


Reduces the need for oil, so there are fewer calories to gain.

When you cook using the Cook-Zen, you control the amount of cooking oil, so you can easily cut away excess calories. For Meat dishes, Cook-Zen uses the natural juice in the meat to do the actual cooking--the flesh stays moist while excess oil drips away. The recipe book that comes with Cook-Zen calls for the use of olive oil and sesame oil. These oils don't just cook your dishes at just the right temperature. They are also kind to your body.


Once you place the Cook-Zen into the microwave, your meal is ready in minutes with no fuss.

Microwave cooking used to be a complicated process where one would have to keep taking dishes in and out of the oven to avoid cooking mishaps. With Cook-Zen, you don’t need to worry about constant stirring, or positioning your ingredients in a certain way. The beauty of cooking with the Cook-Zen is its ease and simplicity.


Use the Cook-Zen to Simmer, Boil, or Steam. Simmered Kabocha is ready in 5 minutes; rice can be cooked in 13 minutes; Chinese style scallops are ready in just 2 minutes.

Even for root vegetables, that traditionally require long doses of heat to properly cook throughout, are done in matter of minutes. The short cooking time also means less damage and draining of natural vitamins and minerals! Most water-soluble vitamins would be lost with most boiling methods. But you don’t need to worry about wasting the valuable goodness…. a bonus of cooking with the Cook-Zen.



Cook-Zen traps the natural taste of all your ingredients and enhances flavors.

When you use the Cook-Zen, ingredients cook in their natural juice swiftly, trapping the natural flavours, vitamins and minerals within. The colors of broccoli and other leafy vegetables are more vibrant. Potatoes and pumpkins are moist and fluffy. One hardly needs any additional seasoning.


Cook-Zen is safe for children and the elderly, as it does not require the use of a stove top.

One of the benefits of microwave cooking is that there you do not need to use a stove, so you know you won't burn yourself. Also, the cooking is done using the microwave's timer, so you don't need to remember to turn the stove off at just the right moment. Cook-Zen means worry-free cooking.




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